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Biden says Trump „doesn’t need” to get Intel explanations

President Joe Biden has said he does not think former President Trump should continue to seek intelligence, which is at the behest of Mr Biden as commander-in-chief. Mr. Nora O’Donnell, Editor and Managing Editor of „CBS Evening News” He spoke in the first network news interview he has given since taking office with Biden. It will air at 4 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday.

„Well, I’m asking you to oversee the presidency,” O’Donnell said. „Should former President Trump still get intelligence explanations?”

Former presidents often have the opportunity to obtain respectable intelligence.

„I do not think so,” he said. Biden replied.

„Why not?” O’Donnell asked.

“Because of his erratic behavior unrelated to the insurgency,” Mr Biden said.

„CBS Evening News” presenter Nora O’Donnell is interviewing President Joe Biden.

CBS News

Mr. The president did not elaborate on his concerns about what would happen if Trump continued to receive explanations, but questioned what value he could add to the country.

“I wouldn’t guess out loud,” Mr. Biden said. „I don’t think he needs to have intelligence explanations. What’s the point of giving him an intelligence explanation? What impact does he have other than the fact that he might slip up and say something?”

Earlier this week, Mr. Biden said he hopes it will work COVID-19 was with Republicans on the economic relief program, but on Friday he said he wanted to act fast. Mr. To Biden O’Donnell, he will not credit the amount of 4 1,400 trigger checks, but he is willing to negotiate who qualifies for the checks and whether the minimum wage increase is $ 15 per hour.

He said he did not believe the minimum wage increase would eventually include it in the US recovery plan.

The minimum wage of $ 15 is „not subject to the rules of the United States Senate,” the president said.

„CBS Evening News” presenter President Joe Biden is interviewed.

CBS News

„I kept it, but I didn’t think it would survive,” Mr said. Biden added.

Instead, the president said he was willing to work on a full $ 15 minimum wage plan.

“My guess is it won’t be in it,” the president said of the nationwide hourly hike Included in the US Recovery Program. „But, I think we need a minimum wage, which should be $ 15 an hour, to work your way up – it doesn’t have to be booming. And all economies show that if you do, the whole economy rises. As president of the United States, I’m ready to negotiate, it’s better than it is now, that is, look, no one should work 40 hours a week and live below the poverty line.

The full interview will air Sunday evening at 4 p.m., just before the Super Bowl, Only on CBS.

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